SLAM competition is organised by SportLex Law Institute and University of Ljubljana, Faculty of law.
The following members of the organizational team participate in the organization of the event.

Ana Podbrežnik

Ana Podbrežnik is a member of the organizing team of the competition. In 2019, she received her Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Professor Dr. Saša Zagorc. The title of her Master’s thesis is “Sport within the framework of the European Convention on Human Rights”. She currently works in the legal department of a pharmaceutical company.

Jerca Aubreht

Jerca Aubreht studied law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. During her Master’s degree, she was the coordinator of the Law Clinic “Law in Sport” for two years, where she was learned about the dimensions and challenges in the field of sports law.

Anita Husak

Anita Husak holds a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Her sports career started in her childhood, when she was an avid swimmer, while it was during her studies that she combined her passion for law and sports by coordinating the Law Clinic “Law in Sport”. She is a member of the executive board of the Slovenian Sports Law Association. She is a current member of the Disciplinary Board of the Swimming Federation of Slovenia and the Ljubljana Swimming Club and works at the Law Firm Šelih & Partners.

Urša Pirc

Urša Pirc is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where she completed the first-cycle study programme in 2019. She is a member of the organizing team for competitions. This year she coordinates the Law Clinic “Law in Sport”.

Kristina Jan

Kristina Jan is a law student at the University of Ljubljana. She participated in ELSA winter law school in Sports law (Innsbruck) and in Football law conference in London. She has written two articles regarding Sports law in weekly publication Pravna praksa. In the past summer she has done internship at the Slovenian football association. Currently she is responsible for coordination of legal clinic “Law in sport” and organisation in ELSA Ljubljana as a Vice president for Seminars & Conferences.